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Winter sun and property photography

As a property photographer I am always looking at the weather forecast looking for the best day for the client and this usually means a bright sunny day. This is great when the sun is high during summer but not always good in winter as the days are short and the shadows long.
winter shot of a property on a cloudy daywinter shot of a property on a sunny day
I have actually had to go back on a dull day to take a cleaner looking shot of a property without the shadows cast by the winter sun. Even with the sun fully on the front of the property and no shadows there will be a very dark shadow cast behind the house particularly visible if using the drone to gain some elevation. You can retouch the shadow - which I have done quite successfully but this can be problematic depending on the type of house stone/brick. You can always drop a nice sky in on a dull shot but this needs to be done sympathetically as a bright sky with fluffy clouds on a dull house doesn't look real. If done well it should not stand out and be noticeable.
Below is an example of retouching the shadows which although a challenging task I thing work well.
harsh shadows with winter sunShadows toned down on winter exterior
A very shadowy exterior photographed with winter sun and the reshoot on a duller day that was used in the sales literature.
Too many shadows on house exteriorWinter shot on a light cloud day with no shadows
In summary I will always tend to go for the brighter days but a bit of cloud cover always helps to soften the light.
If you need a photographer for your property then please give me a call on 07770 476416 and I would be delighted to help you out - even on a sunny winters day!