Blixen Restaurant at Spitalfields Market

Blixen Restaurant - Spitalfields Market London
Kohler are a luxury manufacturer of bathrooms and kitchens — washbasins, taps, toilets and showers, etc. I have been all over the country, from Trump Turnberry Hotel in Scotland all the way down to Diamond Resorts in Devon, photographing case studies for the inspiration section on their website.

This is one of the case studies I photographed of some of their luxury bathrooms in Blixen - a restaurant on the edge of the very trendy Spitalfields Market in London. As part of the case study for their website I need to photograph the actual products but also give an overview of the restaurant and the setting showing the products in real life situations. The bathrooms were in an art deco style with a panelled wood entrance.

Afterwards I had chance to have a good look around Spitalfields market stalls and the amazing selection of world foods on offer.