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How to market your products effectively

All too often, suppliers and retailers forget that one of the best ways to sell more products is to show people how great they are. The images you use to showcase your product are an essential part of this.

How to create a showcase product shot

- isolated on a clean background - or cut-out if can't take it this way to start
- interesting angle but still need to see product clearly
- well lit but no reflections
- do you need a studio or a location shot?

This was a shoot for Bagoda Designs who sell online and need to show the product from all angles along with the details inside the bags. Using a clean white background shows exactly what the bag looks like and should eliminate any returns which can be costly.
bagoda sports bag angled viewbagoda sports bag side onbagoda sports bag bottom viewbagoda sports bag inside zipbagoda sports bag detail shot

Some products require the background to be masked out by having it cut-out and this isolated the product allowing it to be dropped in to a website or brochure with no background showing.
On the first shot below, the bracelet has had the background removed and the second was shot on a white reflective surface. This one was still cutout and used in a brochure dropped on to an appropriate back drop. You need to think about how the final image will be used as this can effect the look product particularly if it is light coloured and the background can still be seen in the reflected details. The photographer should advise on this and also how and where to have the cut-outs done.

gold and silver bracelet cut outsilver and gold bracelet on a reflective surface
The jewellery was shot for Ogden of Harrogate who needed the photography for their catalogue and to populate the website. We found some amazing locations to take the these shots and they really worked well and helped to sell a lot of jewellery, more than paying for the expense of the photography. We also used some studio photography to compliment the location shoot.

A meeting with your photographer will help discover what you are wanting from the finished images and what would be a suitable location for the shoot.

Ogden jewellery cataloguepages from a jewellery brochureexample of life style photographyJewellery photographed on a barn window

If it is not possible to take the furniture to a studio, bring the studio to the showroom. It still needs to have the correct set up and lighting but once they are cut-out you will see great results. It is surprising where you can set a studio up!

oak bed in a showroomcut out of an oak bed

I have a client who sells online through Wayfair and we have previously used white cut-outs but they were advised that you can increase sales by as much as 20% by uploading lifestyle photography, showcasing your product and giving a sense of scale. We set up a studio in their warehouse and made backdrops of wall papers, skirting board and carpet. It worked really well and has paid for itself many times over with increased sales.

room set of a cabinettwin drawers for Wayfaircupboard in a room set

An experienced photographer can not only help you plan your shots but make sure you show your product in its best light - literally. They will also work through the different shots quickly and efficiently, and edit them all, including any masking.

Call me to talk through how I can help you showcase your products on 07770 476416