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How to show the intangible benefits of your school in your prospectus

    It's easy to get photos which show the facilities of a school, but to get images which reflect your school's intangible benefits is much harder. Your prospectus should reflect your school's mission, and show inclusivity and pupil engagement. Professional photographers use different skills to get the shots which will sway prospective parents.

    Putting students at ease is important

    - results in more relaxed, natural poses
    - ability to work with a mixed group who aren't necessarily friends but reflect the school's overall diversity
    - able to get good shots more quickly because of more co-operation and less fidgeting

    Using focus to create the right feel

    - using variety of depths for portraiture, group shots and events to create the best images
    - shallow / macro for details of facilities
    - activity blur to show liveliness of lessons and engagement
    two girls reading a book together in a lesson
    Unobtrusive and quick

    - able to blend into background so ready to record moments of concentration and focus
    - professional lenses so can shoot at a distance but still get right into the action (e.g. sports, science experiments)
    - can get shots of school life outside of lessons and capture pupils interacting with each other in the moment

    Extensive experience in school photography also means a professional photographer can quickly get a feel for your school's atmosphere and strengths and size up how to get the most out of your staff and pupils.

    In addition to the above skills, a professional photographer can quickly assess interesting angles to capture to add interest and tell the story of your school's offer. They can also work with you to provide photos at the proportions you need for your planned prospectus or website - using photos in header blocks in your prospectus? Your photographer can shoot wide lens shots to suit this. Want to create a grid of shots on your cover? Your photographer can shoot shots suitable for a square crop.

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