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School Prospectus Tips and Advice

    The last few years have seen a lot of changes in the education system with more competition for school places. Schools are having to keep up with the competition by raising their profile, designing new websites and producing prospectuses which they might never have needed to do before.
    To bring your marketing literature to life, it is important to have a wide range of professional images to choose from that represent your school, its ethos and the relevant subjects. 
    There are a few things to consider ahead of taking the shots and a professional photographer with experience in educational photography will be able to guide you in some of the following areas: 
    • Speak to whoever is designing your website and prospectus. They might have suggestions on the type of images needed to complement the format and content.
    • Which subjects need to be covered – academic subjects, specialist areas, pastoral care, sports etc.
    • Which areas of the school need to be used. Do you need a shot of the actual school building – if so, choose a good sunny day.
    • Involve the teachers to get them onboard – this is very important as their attitude (good or bad!) is usually channeled through to the pupils
    • Practical lessons don’t always get the best shots. A creative teacher can make a academic lesson look good in a picture. Engage the students, get them looking up and not always down at their books.
    • Science lessons need to be hands on with close ups - not big explosions that you cannot get close to – think health and safety!
    • Make sure uniforms are smart and tidy – on a hot summer's day you still need blazers and ties on – again the teachers should help with this. Top Tip: Uniforms always look better at the beginning of term!
    • Have a timetable to work to but allow it to have a little flexibility
    • Set up some shots out of lessons – have a good choice of students to choose from so as not to use same ones too much and keep the shots varied.
    • Think about the prospectus front cover – what are the dimensions of the literature/website and what type of photo would work best?
    Most importantly... allow a little break for the photographer to recharge and eat – school dinners are much nicer than when I was there!

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