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I often look at profile pictures on social media, particularly on LinkedIn, and see professional people with either no photo or a terrible picture cropped from a family snap shot. This picture represents you as an individual but also your company and is the 'shop front' of your LinkedIn page.
LinkedIn has said that profiles with photos beside them are seven times more likely to be clicked than profiles without photos - and with over 15 million users in the UK that could be a lot of clicks! Apparently LinkedIn can remove your profile picture if it does not comply with their terms and conditions – such as using a company logo or words and phrases, with the rule of 'three removals and you are out'! Not sure if this has ever happened though?
What should you look at achieving from a profile headshot?
A friendly and approachable smile, wearing suitable clothes to represent your chosen profession and thinking about the backdrop you want to use. It could be clean white backdrop, maybe a moody black one or a suitable location in your office or workplace. It could be outside using a building that represents your job but concentrating on you with a very shallow depth of field and just a hint of the background. It is worth having a chat beforehand to find out what would work best for you.
I would usually shoot a portrait showing slightly more than head and shoulders which allows you to crop in a little tighter to suit your purpose. Most profiles need to be a fairly tight as they are used as small thumbnails (150px x150px) and you need to be recognisable on them. I always shoot in colour but they can be converted to black and white afterwards to give an alternative look.
Although I do take shots for individuals I am often asked to come in to a company and set up my studio to photograph all of the personnel in one session. These could be for a 'who’s-who' of your company but also to be used for your employees' profile shots. It is up to the individual to have a LinkedIn page but it benefits the employer to have good professional profile shots of your employees. 
Half a day (three hours) should allow enough time for each employee to get a selection of shots to choose from. Larger companies may require more time.
The shots would be available to view online and then downloaded.
My rates are very competitive so why not give it a go?
Please email me for more information
Tim Hardy
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