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Staff profiles - the dos and don'ts

Does your website need staff profiles?

- people buy from people
- added transparency and trust by showing current staff
- your staff are a major asset and should be given prominence
- makes brand more personable
head and shoulders portrait of a business women for LinkedIn

• communicate with your staff - explain purpose and get buy-in
• communicate with your photographer where the shots will be so they can bring appropriate lighting, and if planning to shoot outside have a back-up wet weather plan. Your photographer may also want to visit your premises ahead of the shoot to scope out suitable locations
• set out expectations ahead of shot e.g. what staff should wear (along with reminder of uniform standards / dress code if necessary), where the shots will take place, the amount of time staff should block out
• ensure you reflect your brand - e.g. if approachability is part of your image make sure people aren't wearing formal business-wear
• ask your photographer if you can take two shots - one clean and one with company branding in the background - whilst you may not have an immediate need of the latter it can be useful for future press releases / company brochures etc.
• nominate someone to co-ordinate the shoot so someone has responsibility for ensuring a smooth run - they should expect to be available for the duration of the shoot and an hour before to help the photographer settle in and set up
• call people for shots in small groups - this will give them an opportunity to chat amongst themselves and relax before their solo image is taken
Group photograph for a website

• use mixed angles and compositions. Keep it consistent - decide what proportion to show (e.g. head only, head and shoulders, whole body) and angle, and use for all photos
• allow staff to submit their own photo because they 'have one which was professionally taken and really shows me at my best'
• if taking images of people at work don't forget to ensure all areas are clean and tidy
• show staff at their workstation if everyone is office based - but if you have staff in a variety of roles and locations this can work well, just remember that eye contact is important
• forget to book out any rooms being used so there's no conflict

If you have any concerns or questions about using staff profile shots, a professional photographer will always be happy to talk them through with you before you commit to a session.

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