The Serious Sweet Company

The Serious Sweet Company in Harrogate
The Serious Sweet Company are manufacturer of traditional sweets based in Harrogate who produce tempting confections such as fudge, honeycomb, coconut ice and toffees. The brief was to photograph all aspects of the business to update their website and literature - Following the process from the raw ingredients, through the manufacturing, packaging and then photographing the finished products. A really interest shoot and great clients to work with - some tasty samples came home with me too!
Serious Sweet Company warehouseForklift truck driver at Serious Sweet CompanyProduction line for hand made honeycombesSerious Sweet Company production lineMixing and pouring at  Serious Sweet CompanyAdding the ingredientsMore sugarpouring out the mixturesetting up the chocolate coating machineCovered in chocolatefinishing touches to handmade sweetschecking the temperature14_serioussweetcompany15_serioussweetcompany16_serioussweetcompany17_serioussweetcompany18_serioussweetcompany19_serioussweetcompany20_serioussweetcompanysweet tastingtasting sweets in the boardroom23_serioussweetcompanyproduct shot to be used on packagingfudge26_serioussweetcompany27_serioussweetcompany28_serioussweetcompany29_serioussweetcompanyproduct photography31_serioussweetcompany32_serioussweetcompany33_serioussweetcompany34_serioussweetcompany35_serioussweetcompany