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Prospectus photography
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Enrichment Day
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Reading in the Library
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Girls Football Team
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Science lesson
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Music Lessons
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York University
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School Sports Day
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Rutland College
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Hexham University
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Head boy
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Teacher Training
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6th Form Prospectus
Education is an area of photography that I have specialised in in recent years. With school prospectus photography for local (and some not so local) schools such as Harrogate Grammar School, Otley Grammar School, Harrogate High School, King James School in Knaresborough, St John Fisher Catholic School, Joseph Rowntree and Archbishop Holgate's School in York, Woldgate School in Pocklington, Casterton Business & Enterprise College and Rutland County College and Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School near Sheffield. I also cover theatrical productions and school sports days along with other events. Each school would produce a main school prospectus and also a 6th form prospectus which are heavily lead by the photography.

As I work quickly and efficiently, you will get very good value out of my time and have a large portfolio of shots to choose from to make a stunning prospectus and also have shots left over for marketing purposes and any other literature you might need in the future.

I have been working closely with the Red Kite Alliance - a partnership of Yorkshire Schools to improve teacher training and also Maths HUB - bringing mathematics education professionals together to improve their maths teaching, which sees me going out to local junior schools to photograph the teacher training programs.

I have worked with various universities throughout the country for the National Science Learning Centre, from Durham University in the North, Bristol, Hertfordshire, London, Sheffield, Keele, Leicester and Manchester and finally to Southampton. The photography was for marketing purposes and to get a fresh pool of current images for the science training days for teachers and lab technicians. Science is always good to photograph!

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